Vendor Guidelines


Stettler Pop-Up Markets vendor's attendance is by approval only. We (currently) cannot guarantee a spot for all vendors who apply.  We have a limited number of booths and an enormous amount of effort and money go into the planning, execution, marketing and organization of the event. The following Guidelines will be followed or vendors will not be invited back to the event. These guidelines ensure all vendors get the best out of their time at the events and that guests are treated to the event as advertised. Applying to be a vendor at Stettler Pop-Up Markets means you have read, and agreed, to these guidelines. Stettler Pop-Up Market is privately operated and reserves the right to refuse to service to any vendors or attendee at any time. 

Booth Fee:

MARCH BOOTH FEE $25+GST/table, non-refundable. Your space is not reserved until payment is received. Your payment will be requested via invoice after your application has been approved. Cost includes marketing, use of the space, tables and chairs. It does NOT include cleaning of your booth area. Booth locations are chosen by the Stettler Pop-Up Market Manager Booth fee does not include lunch.

Off-Site Vendors:

If you are unable to attend the event, you can apply as an "Off-Site Vendor" and Rairdan Services, Inc. will sell your Gift Certificates/Gift Cards at the Reception Desk at the events. We will promote and sell your Gift Certificates/Gift Cards at the event for a fee of 10% of the value. Rairdan Services, Inc will pay Off-Site Vendors within five business days following the event. Off-Site Vendors will provide Gift Certificates/Gift Cards to Rairdan Services one week prior to the event and by applying to be an off-site vendor agree to the terms as outlined. 


Additional Costs:

All vendors will supply a new, small gift valued at $10 Retail (or more) for the door prize. The door prize (a collection of vendor items/gifts) will be drawn at 4:45pm and guests will have different options on how to enter the door prize chosen by the Market Manager. Items will be collected at the morning vendor meeting.

Pop-Up Market Day Orders:

Anyone who orders products from you at the Pop-up Market can pick up their orders at CABC during business hours.  This is an additional service that we provide you at no extra cost. Please leave a list of your orders at reception before departing the event. 


Morning Vendor Meeting:
Vendors are required to attend a short 10 minute meeting at 10:15 before the market to discuss the flow of the event, answer any questions, and open communication to ensure the success of the event. 


Vendor Survey:

Vendors are required to fill out a survey after the event to determine sucess and collect feedback to improve future events. Market Manager will drop these off at your booth the last half hour of the event. Surveys can be left at reception before departing. 

Set-up and take-down
All Vendors will be entirely set-up by 11am on the day of events.
Vendors will not start to take down their booths or items for sale until 5pm.  Vendors will have access to the building at 9:00am and will need to be completely out of the building, with their areas cleaned,  by 6:15pm.


Booth Activity:

  • The use of megaphones, loudspeakers or sideshow tactics is prohibited.  

  • Vendors are expected to dress in business casual attire and act in a professional manner at all times

  • No balloons, overly tall or large promotional items. 

  • Organizer reserves the right to ask vendors to remove items from their booth that break the rules as outlined here 

  • No items or promotional material on the floor or walls

  • No more than two people attending your booth at one time.


All businesses, regardless of size, are welcome to register to participate.


Vendors will park in the back of the building leaving the front parking to guests. 


If vendor rules are broken, the vendor will not be invited to return to future markets. 

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If your registration is approved for the event you will receive an invoice from Rairdan Services, Inc. for booth fees or a phone call if you have registered as an off-site vendor.  If you are requesting a booth your registration is not complete until your invoice has been paid.