• SPM Coordinator

Vendor November 2 - Pure Romance

We are super excited to welcome Alex Sumners, Pure Romance Sales Rep, to the November Stettler Pop-Up Market. Alex did a Pure Romance party a few months ago for some or my friends and she opened the discussion by saying "you can't 'ew!' someone's 'ahhhhhh'" and then the fun began! Alex sells high quality "adult bedroom accessories" and everything from delicious lubes to things-that-I-don't-want-to-type-here in case someone is reading over your shoulder. Alex breaks it all down in plain, refreshingly-honest language while reminding us all that sexual health is an important (and long overdo) conversation. We'll have Alex in a side room at the business centre so you can browse privately if you'd like. A booth with sex toys? Yep, it's all up for discussion at Stettler Pop-Up!

WARNING: Alex is NOT shy. Enter the Pure Romance at your own risk of a fun, open and real conversation about sex.

Pure Romance